Use project templates to quickly launch repetitive projects

You don’t have to bother creating a schedule and budget for a new project every time. Thanks to project templates for repetitive projects, everything will be done automatically.

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Create project plans within a few minutes using templates
Create project plans within a few minutes using templates
Save time on repetitive projects thanks to the project templates feature. Provide your Project Manager with a filled schedule, budget, deliverable and risk structure that can be adjusted for project-specific items. Once prepared, the template will allow you to avoid creating repetitive projects from scratch.
Scheduling based on the project start date with FlexiProject
Draw a complete schedule based on the project start date only
The project template feature will allow you to create a complete schedule based on the project start date. Subject to the number of working days on the project, you will get a complete structure of tasks with interdependencies, durations and relevant attributes already assigned to them, and only minor adjustments will be necessary.
Creating a budget structure with FlexiProject
Help the Project Manager create an appropriate budget structure taking into account potential project costs
Thanks to project templates, the FlexiProject system allows you to prepare a list of potential items of the project budget, linking them immediately to schedule items. When creating a project based on a template, the Project Manager will have a hint on what costs should be included in his or her plan.
Keeping a list of potential risks with FlexiProject
Avoid threats to your projects by introducing a list of potential risks
Make your project easier to run by listing potential threats. By adding an action plan, you will point out to the project manager the steps to be taken when the risk materialises. The impact on the project and the probability will help you prioritise the risks that should be addressed first.
Defining the outputs by creating a list of project deliverables with FlexiProject
Define the outputs to be produced by creating a list of project deliverables
On the basis of project templates, we can develop an exact list of deliverables to be achieved by the project. You can add to them detailed descriptions, acceptance criteria, templates to be filled out, as well as attachments showing your company’s best practices according to which the deliverable should be produced.
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