The current status of the project is always at hand thanks to project reviews

Automatic project reviews are a great convenience for the Project Management Office staff and a great way to provide the company’s management with information about the current situation of projects.

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project review feature in FlexiProject
Set up periodic meetings about the health of projects in your organisation
Use the built-in project review feature, which gives you the ability to monitor the current status and progress of projects. The assigned review dates oblige Project Managers to prepare a summary of the ongoing work as of a specific day. This way you will avoid the need to prepare presentations in MS PowerPoint.
Collecting the most important project information with FlexiProject
The most important things from projects collected in one place
The FlexiProject solution allows you to present the entire situation of a project using one screen. All data regarding the schedule, budgets, risks, changes and progress will be retrieved automatically. The Project Manager will be able to attach his or her individual brief description to each section, which will let you gain a full understanding of the project situation.
FlexiProject review notification system
A clear notification system will inform you about the date of the upcoming review
Each of the Project Managers will be notified of the review by email as soon as the review is created. Additionally, to make sure the review date does not slip your mind, the project dashboard will display information on how many days are left until the upcoming project review.
FlexiProject decision history
Go back to historical decisions
Archiving project reviews allows you to return to historical decisions issued by the Management Board or to verify what the Project Manager said a few months ago. Historical reviews are locked, and their content can no longer be changed.
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