Create any project reports of your choice in just a few minutes

The built-in project reports module will allow you to quickly extract the necessary information and pass it on to the persons concerned

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Creating reports with current data in FlexiProject
Once a report is created, it will always be available to you with current data
The FlexiProject system enables you to create any number of project reports. Once a report is created and saved, it will always be available to you and other authorised persons, so you will save time for re-setting parameters and adjusting the report to your needs.
Data filtering with FlexiProject
Decide for yourself what data you want to see
A simple report creation wizard will let you decide for yourself what data you want to see. The data may relate to projects, tasks, milestones, budget items, costs, deliverables, plan changes, etc. Once a report is built, you can additionally filter it by applying supplementary criteria.
Customising reports to your needs with FlexiProject
Customise the report to your needs
Decide for yourself which columns you would like to see on the report and which not. Additionally, you can swap them, which will let you create a report ideally suited to your needs. Part of the data can be calculated automatically depending on the calendar, so you will always have current data.
Exporting a report to Excel with FlexiProject
Export to an MS Excel file
The FlexiProject project management system allows you to export each report generated by you to Excel. Thanks to this solution, you can easily perform additional calculations based on the data you are interested in.
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