Group projects into project portfolios and manage them globally

Good management of project portfolios guarantees the success of the entire organisation.

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Portfolios - Project Management Office
Effectively manage projects in your portfolio, thus achieving your company’s success
Good management of one project does not guarantee you success, but proper management of a group of projects does, indeed. You can easily see which projects will bring you the greatest benefits, and which ones you need to think about and perhaps abandon as unprofitable.
Portfolio details - Project Management Office
Set consolidated goals to be achieved by the portfolio
To make sure your project portfolio is successful, you need to define goals for it to achieve (NPV, IRR, additional revenue, cost savings, portfolio budget). The FlexiProject solution will allow you to control all parameters and explore deviations from the assumed target.
Reports on portfolio projects - Project Management Office
Create any project reports of your choice
FlexiProject will enable you to generate any report related to the projects assigned to a portfolio. You can easily create a list of overruns and forecasts for your projects. Graphical presentation of portfolio projects in a Gantt chart will quickly allow you to see deviations from the project plan.
Project scoring - Project Management Office
Assess projects and choose the best ones for your portfolio
All projects assigned to a portfolio can be assessed with aid of the scoring feature. Thanks to the assessment, we are able to see the attractiveness of a specific project compared to all projects in the portfolio. Graphical presentation will help you position a project/idea in terms of its attractiveness and choose the best ones for implementation.
Upcoming review notifications - Project Management Office
Stay on top of the status of all projects in your portfolio using automatic reviews
Define project review dates and select projects to be reviewed. Monitor the current status of the project as described by the Project Manager and make the necessary decisions. All this is done in an automated way, so you will always receive the latest data from projects.
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