Assess how attractive project ideas are and choose the best ones

Decide which projects are best for you and will bring you the most benefits, and which should be abandoned as unprofitable.

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Choosing the best projects with FlexiProject
Choose the best projects
The FlexiProject project management tool allows you to assess the attractiveness of any idea or project in the system. With the use of project scoring, you can create a summary of scores given to all projects, and on this basis select the best projects to be executed by your organisation.
Creating own model for assessing ideas and projects with FlexiProject
Create your own assessment model against which you will assess ideas and projects
The flexibility offered by our tool allows you to create your own assessment model. You decide on how extensive the model will be, what weights will be assigned to questions, and how detailed answers are needed. You can start with a small model and gradually develop it as your organisation grows.
Designating subject-matter experts to assess project attractiveness with FlexiProject
Designate subject-matter experts to assess project attractiveness
Not everyone knows everything. Therefore, the FlexiProject solution allows you to assign a different group of evaluators to each question. Thanks to this approach, you will receive only valuable answers from individuals who are well versed in a given subject matter. Correct selection of people will make the assessment of your project credible and reliable.
Evaluating an ongoing project with FlexiProject
Evaluate a project while it is in progress and keep a history of its attractiveness
The ability to create further evaluations as the project goes on allows you to have a reliable picture of its attractiveness at a given point. Unforeseen events may cause a project that seemed attractive at the beginning to be unprofitable while in progress, and the scoring module will let you find it out quickly.
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