Create your own approval paths

Decide for yourself what the decision-making process related to project execution should look like in your organisation.

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Choosing approval paths with FlexiProject
Choose different approval paths depending on the type of decisions required
The FlexiProject project management tool allows you to create any number of decision-making paths that will map decision-making processes in projects. You decide which one to choose depending on the circumstances. The whole process is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
Creating approval paths that map the decision-making process with FlexiProject
Create approval paths that accurately map the decision-making process in your company
Changes in your company must first be approved by the Project Management Office, and then by the President of the Board? Such a process can be very easily mapped in our system. You can create any number of stages and add any number of users to each of them, which will let you perfectly map the decision-making process in your company.
Designating decision-makers and consulting subject-matter experts with FlexiProject
Designate decision-makers and consult issues with subject-matter experts before a decision is made
You can assign any number of decision-making users to each of the approval stages. These can be either specific persons or project roles, which will be populated automatically for the project. The built-in consultant feature will allow you to designate individuals who will be asked to express their opinion on a given change and help you make a decision.
Keeping the decision history with FlexiProject
Keep a complete history of decisions and come back to them easily
Don’t remember why the decision was made a few months ago? The FlexiProject project management tool will archive the complete approval history, and you will be able to easily come back to archived decisions to verify why a given decision was made and by whom.
Receiving FlexiProject notifications
Always be up to date with pending approvals
The moment each of the approval stages is enabled, all participants assigned to a given level receive email notifications, from which they will be easily redirected to the approval window. Additionally, each of the users can create his or her own list of pending approvals using the built-in user dashboard feature.
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