Tools for the Project Management Office

FlexiProject will make life substantially easier for PMO employees, as well as increasing their effectiveness in the organisation

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Grouping projects into portfolios with FlexiProject
Group projects into project portfolios and manage them globally
Drive your business success thanks to global project management using project portfolios. The intuitive FlexiProject solution will allow you to easily group projects into portfolios, set goals for them and control progress in their execution.
Tracking progress on projects with FlexiProject project reviews
Keep track of project progress with project reviews
Automatic project reviews will give you the ability to monitor the current status of all projects in a simple way. A built-in feature will allow each Project Manager to add their individual assessment so that you will gain a full understanding of the situation in each project.
Reducing work on repetitive projects with FlexiProject templates
Reduce work on repetitive projects using project templates
For repetitive projects, use project templates to have the entire schedule, budget, risks and deliverables created within a few seconds. All you need to do is enter the project start date. Based on that, FlexiProject will itself generate a schedule, taking into account the number of working days in the project.
Creating project scoring models with FlexiProject
Create a project scoring model and use it to choose the best project ideas for execution
Prepare your own models for assessing how attractive project ideas are, and thus make sure that only the best ones get the go-ahead for implementation. This way you will avoid organisational politics or emotions, and you will introduce an objective selection system instead. You will be able to focus on priorities, as well as preventing any further uncontrolled proliferation of projects in your organisation.
Mapping decision-making processes with FlexiProject
Map decision-making processes in your company thanks to approval paths
The FlexiProject project management system will let you create any project approval paths you like to map the decision-making processes in your company. When you enable a given approval path, the system will immediately notify the right persons, thus streamlining and expediting the decision-making process.
Creating company strategy and setting goals with FlexiProject
Creating company strategy and setting goals with FlexiProject
A properly created strategy will allow you to use the full potential of your company, and the performance metrics (KPIs) will let you track progress on your set path to success. The company’s strategy will help you determine which projects in the company should be executed and which of them to abandon.
Generating FlexiProject reports
Generate any reports of your choice in just a few minutes
FlexiProject will let you generate any report related to the project situation in your company. You can easily create a list of delayed tasks or budget items with significant overruns. You decide what reports you need and what you want to see on them. Once a report is created and saved, it will always be available with current data.
Check out FlexiProject capabilities
Check out the full capabilities of the FlexiProject project management software