Create and manage a project schedule

Plan the project, track its progress and increase the productivity of your Team.

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Project schedule, tasks list
Execute your project effectively
Easily create a project schedule and monitor the progress in its implementation. A clear system of warning signs will immediately draw your attention to key risks or items deviating from the assumptions of the plan. Thanks to intuitive features, your team’s work will be more efficient and everyone will know what to do.
Breakdown of work into tasks with FlexiProject
Break down project work into simple tasks
Break the work down into elements that are easy to handle for you and your team. A precise description of each task will guarantee that everyone will immediately know what to do. In addition, group tasks into any sections of your choice to have an organised schedule and be able to manage it easily. The ability to precisely describe each task as well as the feature for adding attachments will reduce the risk of any potential alterations.
Delegation of project tasks with FlexiProject
Delegate tasks and help solve problems
You can assign the owner to each task and thus distribute work in your team in a simple and intuitive way. The build-in messenger available in the task will significantly facilitate internal communication and help you solve problems without sending emails.
Building task relationships with FlexiProject
Build relationships between tasks and control deviations
Create relationships between tasks ensuring clear logic of the entire schedule. FlexiProject treats the schedule as the ‘heart’ of each project – it enables the linking of a deliverable, risk or budget item to each task, while ensuring smooth navigation throughout the entire system. With the aid of a Gantt chart, you can easily control the progress of work and deviations from the adopted project plan in a visual manner.
Customising the project schedule with FlexiProject
Customise the schedule to your needs
Thanks to our universal solutions, you can decide what elements should be included in the schedule in your organisation. Additionally, decide for yourself in what form you want to see project tasks.
Check out FlexiProject capabilities
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