Control and prevent risks in your project

You don’t like unexpected things happening during the project? Avoid that by creating a list of potential risks and defining an action plan to prevent them from occurring.

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Preventing unforeseen events during the project with FlexiProject
Prevent unforeseen events during the project
The built-in risk module will allow you to create a list of potential threats in the project in a very simple way. You can categorise each risk and define the probability of its occurrence and its impact on the project. By determining the extent of the impact on the schedule, budget and the final result of the project, you always know which events you should prevent in the first place.
Preparing an action plan and defining the risk owner with FlexiProject
Prepare an action plan and define the risk owner
For each risk, you can define the owner supposed to manage it. By defining an action plan, you can be sure that the assigned person knows what to do. If there are any doubts, you can use the built-in messenger, which will replace unnecessary emails and will keep your messages in the right place.
Risk management from the schedule level with FlexiProject
Manage risk from the schedule level
The intuitive system of icons on the schedule will allow you to easily see which tasks have been assigned a risk. A direct link to the risk will let you quickly control the risk status and the implementation status of the action plan, and take further steps. The simplicity of this solution will help you avoid unforeseen situations.
Creating project risk reports with FlexiProject
Create any risk reports of your choice
FlexiProject will enable you to generate any report related to project risks. Within a few seconds, you can get a breakdown of the risks by categories, statuses or whatever variable you can think of. You decide what reports you need. Once a report is created and saved, it will always be available with current data.
Controlling project risks with FlexiProject
Keep your risks under control and always have them at hand
The dashboard feature gives you great freedom in what you want to see. You can see the defined and active risks assigned to you in the form of a list, and by clicking on the name of a risk, you will be redirected to its details. The visual risk distribution diagrams will show you where you should direct your attention first.
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