Allocate resources to projects and manage their overall commitment

Define the hourly time commitment to projects for your resources and monitor whether someone’s planned commitments do not exceed their real capacity.

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Teamwork on projects with FlexiProject
Encourage teamwork on projects
A good team is the foundation of a successful project. Define on your own what resources you would like to use in the project and to what extent and when each team member will be involved. Graphical solutions will immediately allow you to determine the availability of a given employee in the period you are interested in.
Controlling individual employees’ workloads with FlexiProject
Control individual employees’ workloads with FlexiProject
Thanks to the FlexiProject system, you will be able to easily see what other projects your team members are working on and how their allocation is distributed. The intuitive colour-coded system will quickly let you see when an employee is overloaded and when they still have some spare hours.
Global management of all company resources with FlexiProject
Manage resources globally for the entire company
You will find all the most important things related to employees in one place. For each resource, you can define the rate, hourly availability and holidays. It is also possible to add important attachments concerning a specific employee. What’s more, you will easily see the level of employees’ commitment across projects, and you will be able to manage them.
Creating work progress reports for individual employees with FlexiProject
Create work progress reports for individual employees
The built-in reporting module allows you to create reports on a given user. We can quickly and easily see all tasks to be done or, for example, only the delayed ones, as well as active risks assigned to a specific employee. The flexibility offered by our solution allows you to generate any report you come up with. Once a report is created and saved, it will always be available with current data.
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