Save the project plan and manage its changes

Constant deviations from the schedule and budget? Easily manage project changes and keep their history.

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Managing the project plan and controlling its changes with FlexiProject
Manage the project plan and control its changes
Once the project plan is approved, changes are virtually inevitable – so you can easily report changes to the project schedule, budget or scope in the FlexiProject system. Clear charts will quickly show you when you made particular changes and how much the current project plan differs from the initial one.
FlexiProject change and decision history
Keep the entire history of changes and reasons for making a specific decision
The FlexiProject solution has a system request for a change to the project plan (the so-called Change Request). Before requesting a change to the project plan, you should describe it precisely and substantiate it. In this way, the approver will have the basis to make the right decision quickly.
Selecting the change approval path with FlexiProject
Decide on which approval path to follow to accept changes
The FlexiProject application allows you to design any approval path for project changes. You can assign decision-makers and consultants to each of the approval stages. Depending on the type of change in the project, you decide on which path to follow to get the new project plan approved. All approvals are archived so that you can always come back to them.
Referencing the plan in the project schedule and budget with FlexiProject
Easily refer to the plan in the schedule and budget of the project
The feature that archives the plan after each change is made to tasks and milestones allows you to easily see deviations from the plan in a Gantt chart. In the budget, on the other hand, we can view deviations for individual financial items. All changes are visible automatically after the plan is approved by the last person on the approval path.
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