Achieve results through management of deliverables

Collect all the most important outputs and project documents in one place using the deliverables module.

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Tracking the completion status of deliverables with FlexiProject
Track the completion status of your project deliverables
The FlexiProject project management tool allows you to create any list of outputs you have to produce in the project. Built-in features enable you to define the status for each deliverable and things needed to produce it. We can assign the owner to a given deliverable, and he or she will get the relevant notification by email.
Most important documents in FlexiProject
All important documents in one place
You can attach best practice materials available in your company to all project deliverables. In this way, you will make it easier for your team to correctly complete each task, and you will systematically build the knowledge base of the company. You can also attach blank templates to fill out, and you can add attachments as a file or as a link to a separate document repository.
Reviewing the completion status of deliverables with FlexiProject
Easily review the completion status of deliverables
Each user has great freedom as to what he or she wants to see on the main screen of the application. Thanks to the flexibility offered by our system, you can define a list of deliverables assigned to you. With one click, you will be able to go to the deliverable details without having to enter the project.
Linking deliverables to schedule items with FlexiProject
Get results by linking deliverables to schedule items
The FlexiProject system makes it very easy to link deliverables with tasks or milestones. Thanks to this function, you will be able to easily verify whether a task displayed as done on the schedule has a completed deliverable. The intuitive solution will allow you to keep everything under control.
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