Before starting the project execution phase, fill in the system Project Charter

The Project Charter will let your organisation create a set of the most important assumptions related to the execution of a project in an orderly manner.

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Key assumptions in the FlexiProject Project Charter
Keep key assumptions in the Project Charter
The FlexiProject project management software allows you to save the most important requirements and assumptions on the built-in Project Charter. Information such as project scope, business goals, impact on other projects and project evaluation metrics will always be kept in one place.
Writing down lessons learned from projects
Write down lessons learned from projects in the Project Closure Report
The Project Closure Report allows you to create a comprehensive summary after the project is executed. Built-in graphs of changes in the project will clearly show you how much you deviated from the original assumptions. A description of conclusions drawn from the project, the so-called ‘lessons learned’, will let you run future projects more effectively.
Printable FlexiProject Project Charter
Everything in your organisation needs to be on paper?
No problem. Our Project Charters are tailored to organisations where the most important things must be authorised with a handwritten signature. You will be able to easily print each charter, which will include a dedicated space for the approver’s signature.
Automatic data retrieval in FlexiProject
All data are retrieved automatically
You don’t have to control the consistency of the data on the Project Charter with other parts of the system. FlexiProject will itself ensure that information such as the schedule, milestones, budget, project roles, project number and many others are retrieved automatically from other tabs of the application.
Accepting the FlexiProject Project Charter using approval paths
Accept the Project Charter using approval paths
Our solutions let you decide what approval process your Project Charter should follow. You create approval stages yourself and assign to them approvers and consultants. Each approval is kept in the system, and you can always come back to it.
Monitoring changes within the FlexiProject Project Charter
Check how the Project Charter has been changing throughout the duration of the project
Each change to the project plan entails archiving of the Project Charter. You can easily return to the historical versions of the Project Charter and check the original assumptions that were made for the project.
Check out FlexiProject capabilities
Check out the full capabilities of the FlexiProject project management software