Manage projects with the use of one tool

You don’t have to shuffle between spreadsheets, email box and other tools to get your projects done successfully. Plan the project and track its progress using FlexiProject.

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A comprehensive project schedule with FlexiProject
Achieve success with a comprehensive schedule
The schedule in FlexiProject is the heart of the system that allows you to manage the entire project from one place. The intuitive icon system will quickly draw your attention to delayed tasks and tasks with risks or budget overruns, and thanks to a Gantt chart you will be able to control deviations from the assumptions of your plan.
Project finance management with FlexiProject
Manage project finances with an intuitive budget
Create forecasts and input all incurred costs. Based on them, you will know what the actual cost of the project will be. At any time during the project, you can also update the plan which you will refer to and against which you will analyse budget overruns.
A project risk action plan with FlexiProject
Avoid project risks with an appropriate risk action plan
Prevent the occurrence of unwanted events thanks to risk management in the FlexiProject system. Define an action plan and assign a risk owner to reduce the likelihood of the risk materialising. Defining the level of impact on the schedule and budget will let you decide which events you should prevent in the first place.
Monitoring project deliverables with FlexiProject
Achieve your set goals by monitoring project deliverables
The FlexiProject project management software allows you to define any list of project outputs you want to produce. For each deliverable, you can designate an owner and define best practices and models according to which you want this deliverable to be produced.
The project team’s work with FlexiProject
Explore the possibilities that teamwork in our system gives you
Project management is a complex process in which you need people on board to help. Our solution will let you define the resources needed on the project and their hourly time commitment. The graphical solution will immediately allow you to verify individual employees’ workload.
A project plan and the change history with FlexiProject
Save a project plan and keep all change history
Are you struggling with constant project changes? We’ll help you stay in control with our built-in project plan management solution. The history of all your changes will be stored in one place, so you will be able to come back to it at any time and check who accepted a specific change.
Assumptions in the FlexiProject Project Charter
Keep the most important requirements and assumptions in the Project Charter
Availability of project charters in the system will allow you to keep the most important project information in one place. Over time, you will also be able to observe how the project scope, business goals and impact on other projects have changed with each change of the plan. The description of lessons learned from completed projects will let you build a knowledge base and run future projects more effectively.
Check out FlexiProject capabilities
Check out the full capabilities of the FlexiProject project management software