Software for effective project management

Choose a solution which is a guarantee that important projects in the company are really completed on time!
Why FlexiProject?
The FlexiProject software has a complete set of project management tools to help you achieve project success without having to resort to additional solutions. It is more than software. FlexiProject is a project platform that integrates all activities necessary to achieve the success of projects executed in your organisation.

Streamline your work with FlexiProject

Project Manager
The Project Manager receives a complete set of tools allowing him or her to effectively plan and execute every project in the organisation.
Project Management
Project Management Office
Increase the effectiveness of the Project Management Office’s work by equipping it with a modern IT tool that supports project management.
For the project management office
Management Board and Leadership of the Company
Support the company in achieving its business goals by enabling effective monitoring of the progress of strategic projects.
Project tools for the Management Board
Small Company
The implementation of a dedicated project management system will allow your company to achieve effectiveness in project management faster and to accomplish its goals
Project management in a small company
Features supporting project management
Project reviews
Automate reviews of project information
Project portfolios
Manage your project portfolio effectively
Approval paths
Create paths that reflect the decision-making process
Project reports
Key information available in minutes
Project resources
Determine the availability of resources for project implementation
Project budget
Control the budget of your projects
Project schedule
Plan projects and track their implementation

Support for organisational processes

Execution of R&D and innovation projects
Build a culture of innovation in your company to successfully add new products to your range.
Management of innovative projects
Implementation of a strategy
Make it easy to combine and monitor the impact of projects on the attainment of your organisation’s strategic goals.
Strategy creation and implementation

Software for managing projects and project portfolios

FlexiProject is comprehensive project and project portfolio management software. It offers a complete set of tools for project teams that allow them to plan and effectively execute any project in the organisation, regardless of its size or advancement level.

Being able to operate on the basis of FlexiProject – Polish project management software – project team members will work in a single system and will not be forced to use scattered and often incompatible tools. It is very convenient as all documents, comments, deadlines, etc. are gathered in one program. This ensures a significant acceleration of work, optimisation of information flow within the project and easy search of documents necessary for the execution of its subsequent stages. In addition, a transparent and intuitive software interface makes it possible to implement the system in the organisation quickly.

FlexiProject is Polish project management software that features support in the Polish language, this being of great importance in many companies and organisations. FlexiProject does not require users to speak English in order to work with it, which is the case for other systems of this type.

FlexiProject was created and is being developed in a Polish company: we offer its implementation as well comprehensive training after the system is installed. What is more, we provide advisory support that helps users comfortably operate the software during their daily work and take full advantage of its potential.

The FlexiProject project management software provides access to information that gives the Management Board, the leadership or Project Management Office (PMO) employees a good understanding of the situation of projects in the company and helps them make the right decisions.

Automatic project reviews, which are an essential feature of our software, provide an effective platform for communication between project managers, the PMO and the company’s leadership. In many cases, the Management Board, the PMO or the controlling department need detailed information about the projects being currently executed. Our software addresses these needs, offering the possibility of creating any reports of the user’s choice that – once created – will always be available and updated with current information.  

The FlexiProject project management software is an excellent support at work, and because the software is available through a web browser – namely from anywhere with access to the Internet – remote working is no exception.

Check out FlexiProject capabilities
Check out the full capabilities of the FlexiProject project management software
2023-11-14 11:22:00
Release 2023.11 FlexiProject
Editable project reviews, project health and other functionalities. See what's new in FlexiProject in the latest release.
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2023-07-13 15:36:00
Release 2023.07 FlexiProject
Editable project reviews, project health and other functionalities. See what's new in FlexiProject in the latest release.
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2023-03-07 09:08:50
FlexiProject release 2023.02
We would like to invite you to read a presentation of the new functionalities in the FlexiProject system, which have been introduced in response to the needs of our clients.
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