Project tools for the Management Board

Provide your organisation with the right tools and expect organisational goals to be achieved in return.

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To require the achievement of goals, the Management Board should provide the organisation with appropriate tools. FlexiProject is this kind of solution. It provides project teams with everything they need to execute projects, the PMOs – with the ability to implement standards, and Management Boards – with clear information about the project situation and the ability to make informed decisions.

Implementation of FlexiProject project management tools
Provide your organisation with effective project management tools
Highly demanding requirements without adequate support being offered lead to employee frustration. The implementation of FlexiProject clearly changes this situation. FlexiProject offers a complete set of tools that allow project teams to plan and execute any project. Everything becomes transparent, and everyone knows what to do and how to do it. Then you can require greater effectiveness in delivering results.
Defining responsibility for decision-making with FlexiProject
Define responsibility for making decisions
Efficient decision-making will significantly contribute to the success and timeliness of each project. With FlexiProject, you can design clear decision-making processes related to project management. If you do so, the system will make sure, with military-like discipline, that everyone makes the decisions which they are in charge of in a timely manner. All delays will be clearly visible.
Clear information on the situation of each project with FlexiProject
You will always have clear information on the situation of each project at hand
Management with poor or late information is ineffective. The FlexiProject system changes a lot in this context. Automatic project reviews enable you to get a quick understanding of how each project is going. If this information is insufficient, you can refer to more precise reports which are always up-to-date and available in the system. You will have this information in every place with access to the Internet.
Achieving strategic goals with FlexiProject
Achieve your strategic goals
FlexiProject allows you to clearly link your strategic goals to projects and project ideas. You will always know how you are going to implement your strategy. Additionally, to make sure you are going in the right direction, you can design a KPI set for each goal. It is a simple and, at the same time, very effective solution.
Launching the most beneficial projects with FlexiProject
Launch only the most beneficial projects
Build models in the system to ensure that crucial decisions in the project selection process are objective. The scoring feature will let you achieve this. All project ideas proposed by the organisation will be ranked according to their attractiveness. You’ll always have the final say on which ones to choose and turn into projects, but your decisions will be both easier to take and better.
Check out FlexiProject capabilities
Check out the full capabilities of the FlexiProject project management software