System support for the Project Management Office (PMO)

Easier and, at the same time, better and more effective work of the Project Management Office is possible.

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The Digital Project Management Office is a concept that is gaining more and more popularity in the world. By choosing FlexiProject, you can introduce it to your company. The work of the Project Management Office will become easier, faster and more effective. You will focus on value-adding activities and automate the manual ones. And, quite importantly, your work will be perceived even better by the entire organisation.

project reviews for the Management Board with FlexiProject
Organise periodic, automatic project reviews for the Management Board
Your role is to provide comfort to the Board, whose members want to have an understanding of how each important project in the organisation is going. The automatic project reviews available in the FlexiProject system will make it possible and, at the same time, easier for you. You set the date of the review, and all the rest is taken care of by the system. You no longer have to ask managers for lots of information and then spend your precious time creating an aggregate presentation; it will happen directly in the system.
Responding to the Management Board’s enquiries with FlexiProject
Respond instantly to every enquiry from the Management Board
Surely you often have to create the so-called ad hoc reports to answer specific queries from the company’s management, which takes up a lot of your time. This situation will change if you choose FlexiProject. You can create any reports of your choice in the system and have them always at hand. You can export your reports to Excel and work on them further or send them to someone. What used to take long hours is now available right away and perhaps with better quality.
Implementing standards and best practices with FlexiProject
Implement standards and best practices
The FlexiProject system has a ready Project Charter, Project Closure Report, Change Request and decision-making paths, which your organisation can start using right away. You can build templates (standards) for repetitive projects. You can also build a knowledge base in the system that will consist of best practices, manuals or document templates. You can learn from past mistakes and experiences by creating and analysing the so-called lessons learned report, for example on marketing projects in the last two years; this is just an example, and you decide for yourself what lessons learned you want to understand and analyse.
A clear schedule including a warning sign system with FlexiProject
Focus on understanding the situation of each important project
Each project in the system has a clear schedule. The warning sign system visible on it instantly directs your attention to the tasks where something worrying is happening. You will immediately see tasks with missed deadlines, budget deviations or active risks. You will also see places where the task owner communicates a problem or needs support. If your organisation runs many projects simultaneously, FlexiProject will save your time and also give you the comfort of always knowing what is going on.
Linking projects to the company’s strategic goals with FlexiProject
Influence the quality of decisions made in your organisation
Make sure to link projects in your organisation to its strategic goals. You will then know which projects are a priority. Additionally, you can use the scoring module in the system that allows you to objectively select the best ideas for projects. All this will make the organisation run fewer projects at the same time, yet they will be definitely better thought out. Resources will be used more wisely, and the organisation will achieve its business goals more efficiently.
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