Project management in medium and large companies

Ensure that important and strategic goals are effectively achieved in your organisation.

Ask for a live presentation
Clearly communicate your organisational strategy and show how you intend to implement it. Transparent information about how strategic and other important projects are going will allow you not to ‘lose grip on them’ and achieve success.

Integrating strategic goals with projects in FlexiProject
Integrate strategic goals with projects and prioritise them
You can easily link your strategic goals to projects and define which projects you should deal with as a priority. This approach will focus your resources on the most important activities and will help you achieve success. It is also possible that in this way you will abandon certain ideas, having found no justification for their implementation in the context of your strategic goals. To know that you are going in the right direction, design KPIs for strategic goals and monitor them with FlexiProject.
Monitoring project progress and making decisions with FlexiProject
Monitor project progress on a regular basis and make the right decisions
Your success will be ensured by the efficient exchange of information between the management and project teams – automatic project reviews will make it perfectly possible for you. You can do without .ppt presentations and Excel spreadsheets and work efficiently in the FlexiProject system. You decide when you want to look at the progress of ongoing projects in your organisation in more detail – just enter the date, and the rest will be taken care of by the system and Project Managers supported by the PMO.
Creating supplementary reports with FlexiProject
If automatic reviews are not enough, build supplementary reports in the system
FlexiProject allows you to instantly create any reports you like on ongoing projects. In this way, you’ll always be ready to answer virtually any question from your management. You can create dedicated reports for the financial department, for Project Sponsors or for the Management Board of your company. Each report can be customised.
FlexiProject automation
Free the PMO from activities that can be automated easily
Your PMO no longer needs to collect information from Project Managers via emails and phone calls or prepare time-consuming presentations for Steering Committees or the company’s Management Board. The PMO can create project management standards and best practices instead, as well as providing active support to project teams. The PMO will find time to analyse and properly comment on the situation of the company’s ongoing projects for decision-makers. The FlexiProject system allows you to focus on only value-adding activities.
Implementing standards for repetitive projects with FlexiProject
Implement standards for repetitive projects
If your company carries out repetitive projects, then you can design model templates for them. When launching a project based on a template, the Project Manager gets a proposed schedule, budget, risks and deliverables that he or she can appropriately adjust to his or her own project. You can be sure that no Project Manager will forget about any important element of the project and, what’s more, they will plan each project very efficiently.
Using FlexiProject tools to execute projects
Provide project teams with a complete set of tools to execute each and every project
FlexiProject provides a full set of tools to plan and successfully execute any project in your organisation. Project teams can communicate in the system, receive email notifications about their duties and efficiently handle all project matters using their personalised dashboard. Everyone knows what to do; team members have easy access to the necessary documents, and the company’s management can effectively observe these activities and react accordingly.
Grouping projects into portfolios with FlexiProject
If you run a lot of projects, group them into portfolios
FlexiProject allows you to create any number of project portfolios so that you can better monitor and meet your strategic goals. For each portfolio, you can set the goals it is supposed to achieve. If you want to review projects in your portfolio, you can do it very easily in the system.
Using the FlexiProject scoring feature
Want to objectively select ideas for projects? – Take advantage of scoring
Large organisations carry out a lot of projects. However, they don’t always choose only the best ideas to be turned into projects. Take advantage of the scoring feature to design processes for selecting the best project ideas. In this way, you will lay down the rule that before a project is launched, you always give proper thought to its relevance. This will help you better manage your priorities and make better use of the resources available.
Designing decision-making paths with FlexiProject
Decide who and to what extent can make decisions
Design decision-making paths necessary for deciding efficiently on matters related to the execution of projects. You can create relevant decision-making paths for different types of projects and different situations. If you choose the right path and initiate the decision-making process, FlexiProject will take care of the rest.