Project management in a small company

Manage the execution of projects in your organisation better.

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FlexiProject is a flexible tool that will help a small organisation better organise project management and achieve organisational goals. With this system, the organisation can grow and, when it decides that it is ready, use more and more advanced features.

Tracking project schedule progress with FlexiProject
Observe how each project is going on the schedule
Make sure that each project you start has a schedule for its execution. The schedule may be simple, but it’s worth having. If you create such an action plan, you will be able to monitor where you are in the project implementation phase and respond accordingly. Working with the schedule in the FlexiProject system is very easy and pleasant, which will certainly convince your employees to quickly become fully familiar with it and use it.
Using FlexiProject features as needed
Use only the features that you need at the moment
You are able to configure FlexiProject to match your current needs. You can configure it to initially use only a ready-made Project Charter, schedule and project reviews. If you decide in the future that it is worth saving and managing risks in the project or managing the project budget, you can enable these features at any time. You won’t have to change this system to another one if your business
Assigning tasks and defining decision-makers with FlexiProject
Assign tasks and define who can make decisions
In the FlexiProject system, to each task you can assign a person responsible for its execution. Clearly defined responsibilities are the key to success. Additionally, the system will help you stay in control of the transparency related to decision-making. Coordination of everything will no longer be only on your shoulders.
Communicating in FlexiProject system
Communicate with persons responsible for the execution of projects
You can use automatic project reviews and dedicated reports to always know what is happening on projects in your company. You can create a report showing the tasks that your employees are currently doing or a report on project costs incurred this month – what you want to see in the reports is entirely up to you.
Putting things in order with FlexiProject
FlexiProject will put many things in your company in order
The implementation of a dedicated project management system will bring a lot of good to your organisation. Employees will start working according to some plan, and you will see how this plan is being implemented. Additionally, everyone will know what to do and when to do it. And you will keep the whole situation under proper control.
Check out FlexiProject capabilities
Check out the full capabilities of the FlexiProject project management software