Project data for controlling and finance

Get easy access to data on the implementation of project budgets and understand them better.

Ask for a live presentation
Very easy and ongoing access to all financial data on projects will significantly increase the effectiveness of your work. Instead of asking for data, you will always have them available in the form that suits you best.

Designing any reports with FlexiProject
Design the financial reports you need
Decide for yourself what financial information you need about the projects in progress. You can create any number of reports, design their layout and place them in the ‘Controlling Reports’ directory, for example. Each time you refer to any report, it will contain current data. If you want to continue working on such a report in Excel, no problem – you can export it to Excel with one click.
Controlling the budget with FlexiProject
Make sure every project budget is under control
Make sure each project has a well-structured and approved budget plan whose implementation you can monitor. When you create a budget for next year, you will easily receive information about what costs of the projects in progress will also relate to next year – you’ll get it thanks to the forecasting feature. You can require such forecasts to be made on an ongoing basis as well.
Setting financial goals for project portfolios with FlexiProject
You can set financial goals for project portfolios
If you want to manage project portfolios, you can set their financial parameters and monitor their implementation. You can easily create simulations that will help you ensure the optimal portfolio set to meet your assumed financial objectives.
Keeping records of project costs with FlexiProject
Decide on the method of recording project costs
You can decide that each proof of expenditure will be recorded in FlexiProject. Then you can easily check whether everything in the financial and accounting and FlexiProject systems is properly run. You can also decide on the need to assign an expenditure item to a specific cost type and to the Cost Centre. If you keep such records, you can easily create multi-dimensional reports.
Implementing standards for repetitive projects with FlexiProject
Implement standards for repetitive projects
If your company carries out repetitive projects, you can design a model budget structure for them. When starting a project based on a template, the Project Manager gets a proposed set of budget items that can be filled with relevant cost amounts. You can be sure that no Project Manager will forget about any significant cost.
Check out FlexiProject capabilities
Check out the full capabilities of the FlexiProject project management software