Management of innovative projects

The timeliness and success of innovative projects instantly translate into your profit – you can have a greater control over that.

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Innovative projects, designing new products and R&D are both costly and risky. Without them, however, your organisation cannot dynamically grow and compete. The only solution is to better plan and monitor these projects, and make the necessary decisions more efficiently. To this end, you need dedicated tools such as the FlexiProject System.

Designing the optimal route for innovative projects with FlexiProject
Design the optimal route for innovative projects
FlexiProject allows you to build the standard according to which you want innovative projects to be executed in your company. You can build a standard for the schedule and budget and define potential risks and expected deliverables. You can specify the expected duration and persons in charge of specific activities. You can also define upfront who will be responsible for making decisions and at which points in the project they are to be made. You can build more than one such standard. It all brings a lot of clarity and order to the project and stands a greater chance of success.
Creating portfolios for innovative projects with FlexiProject
Create portfolios for innovative projects and monitor their progress on a regular basis
You can group innovative projects into portfolios for easier management. You should review the situation of individual projects at regular intervals using automatic project reviews. If you need more detailed data, the FlexiProject system lets you design any reports on the situation of your innovative projects. This way you will know what is happening at any time, and you will have the great comfort of being in control of the situation.
Implementing best practices with FlexiProject
Put in place best practices and learn from previous experiences
The FlexiProject system allows you to build a base of knowledge and best practices. For each of the defined deliverables that you want to produce in an innovative project, it is possible to post in the system some best practices, i.e. tips on how to best achieve them (including articles, presentations, instructions, etc.). In the ready-made Project Closure Report, you can describe the experiences and lessons learned from already completed projects. After some time, if you wish, you can create a lessons learned report based on your closed innovation projects to understand what you can do better.
Executing innovative projects using global methodologies with FlexiProject
Execute innovative projects using global methodologies
The best and proven global standard for the implementation of innovative projects is the Stage Gate methodology. It consists in dividing a project into the main stages and making decisions after each stage at the so-called decision-making gates. If you want to implement this kind of standard in your company, the FlexiProject system will make it possible for you.
Change management for projects in progress with FlexiProject
Manage changes appropriately throughout the duration of your projects
Innovative projects are a great uncertainty, and not everything can be foreseen at the launch of a project. This means that while the project is in progress, you will have to make important decisions and adjust it to the information that you will be obtaining on a regular basis. FlexiProject allows you to have full control over all changes. A ready-made change request allows you to substantiate the change; appropriate decision-making paths will ensure a good decision-making process; and the ability to consult the change history will give you an understanding of everything that has happened on the project since its launch.
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