Using project management software

You can successfully use FlexiProject in any place of the organisation to execute a variety of projects.

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Management of small projects and major undertakings; execution of various types of projects with the use of different methodologies; effective support for Project Teams, the PMO and Management Boards; support in achieving business goals – all this is offered by the FlexiProject system.

Software for managing projects in a large company
Projects in large organisations need good IT support
Large organisations implement a number of projects and want to control them effectively. The PMOs in such companies need to have an understanding of the status of the projects in progress and provide the information to the company’s Management Board. Features like automatic project reviews, extensive reporting options, monitoring of standards and flexible approval paths offered by FlexiProject substantially streamline project work in large companies.
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Build a project culture in your company
Build a project management culture in a small company
Once you’ve implemented FlexiProject, you will understand that earlier you only thought you were in control of the execution of tasks and projects in your business. Even after making a simple plan for each project, you will always know if you are on time and what the financial situation of the project looks like – management is difficult without a point of reference. You will clearly define the ownership of tasks, and nobody will forget about anything. You can easily produce reports showing what your employees are doing. This will simply make your business run more smoothly.
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Financial information about projects
Controlling departments need to have an understanding of the financial situation of projects
Whether the project budget is met in view of the plan, what project costs will be carried over to the next budget year, how project costs are distributed across individual cost centres, what the cost forecast is from now to the end of the year – financial and controlling departments need such information to create the company’s budget and its forecast, and to be able to report management performance on a monthly basis. When the FlexiProject system is implemented, such information will always be at hand.
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Manage innovation in a structured way
Manage innovation in a structured way
FlexiProject supports the management of innovative projects and R&D. You can divide the project into phases and decision gates in the system, thus applying the worldwide Stage Gate methodology. If you design a lot of new products, you can create standards for such projects. You can also divide these projects into portfolios in the system and in this way better understand their progress. FlexiProject will make more projects successful and let you complete them faster with reduced deviations from the budget – good information will allow you to respond more quickly and minimise risks.
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Project tools for the Management Board
From now on, the Management Board has everything to make the right decisions
The company’s Management Board does not want to wait until the end of the month for the PMO’s report on the situation of ongoing projects. Once the FlexiProject system has been implemented, up-to-date, comprehensive and very clear information will become available at any time. In any place with Internet access, you will be able to find out in a flash how the projects are going and quickly respond when the need arises. You will have customised reports and a concise executive summary for each project – this is a great support in making good decisions.
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Solutions for a digital PMO
Within a month you can become a digital PMO
The PMO needs good IT support to free itself from a plethora of manual and laborious activities. Automatic project reviews and rich reporting options will save you from these tedious tasks. From now on, you will focus on understanding the project situation and commenting on it constructively, which will definitely make you grow in the eyes of the entire organisation. FlexiProject is an intuitive and flexible system for comprehensive project management that can be implemented in less than a month.
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Reduce work on repetitive projects using project templates
Use project templates to have the entire schedule, budget, risks and deliverables created in recurring projects in seconds. Just enter the start or end date of the project and FlexiProject will generate the schedule itself based on that date, taking into account the working days on the project.
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Check out FlexiProject capabilities
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